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released July 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Caveman Movies Moreno Valley, California

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Track Name: How are you doing?(Eclipsis)
Sharped-toothed creature from within
my eyes burn red im melting inside
lives i shed conveniences are knives of sin

sacrifice me as i am
you cant save me from the demons of myslf
Track Name: Summer Sun(Eclipsis)
Make way for the summer sun the summer sun
the summer sun the sun is beating down and its getting hot

sun is beating down
Track Name: Puke Flames(Eclipsis)
Time is coming after you and theres nothing you can do
look at what its done to me, time kills all now cant you see
ive got the mathes and some gasoline, something needs to burn

im gonna vomit out the flames till the smoke clears
know nothing of my name
Track Name: DinDin(Eclipsis)
Im on the run run run from my love
Shes got a gun gun gun
Put down the gun gun gun gun my love
Give me back my love

You at me heart my heart for supper
Now im just another sucker
Falling for your evil pucker
A desperated motherfucker

Yea I know you too well
This aint the last ive heard of you
This aint your last goodnye
You can’t just let me die
Track Name: Marrow(Eclipsis)
Carve out the naked skin
Tainted by this naked sin
What is this fake world im in
what kind of hell will I begin
veins in eyes that hypnotize
and turn the sky from blue to night
turn the sky from blue to night
veins in eyes that hypnotize
ooh no you cant run away no not this time your gonna stay here till you stop the lie, so cry cry cry, run them dry, all it does is make you wanna die
The stranger and the self share the bond of the unknown, with light peeking though the brooding clouds a glimpse at the face of a breathing question, the success of my ancestors leaves me starving for more desperated for a life to adore